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So what is it honey?, Connie asks. Just then, they hear a key being inserted into the lock. 'Oh thank you Brad Connie returns his grin. So tonight's the night huh?, Bradley leers at Alison. Maybe it's because he's rich and entitled?, or because he likes being in control?, or because his mommy left him when he was a little baby?, Bradley asks gleefully, mock crying as he mentions his mommy.

It's her choice, but she knows what's going to happen if she doesn't do it, he continues, raising his eyebrow. Alison doesn't answer, instead looking down at her lap, deeply ashamed. She gasps as Alison rubs her pussy while she kisses Connie's neck. Bradley nods, pretending to be sympathetic. Nothing was happening, I swear to you Bradley, we were just talking and then suddenly. And I'm going to watch Bradley says. Realizing that she only really has one option, she turns to Alison. I mean, you're autiful Alison says.

'Oh my god Connie says softly, her mouth wide in shock. 'I know Mom, I'm not a kid. Sure, what's going on honey?, Connie asks brightly. 'And Alison does what I say. I can't deny how I feel.

I had to tell you: I want to be with you Alison says, putting her hand on Connie's knee. I'm IN love with you Alison says. 'And I'm going to sit right here. She has no idea what we have planned for her tonight he says, a sleazy grin plastering his face. Alison licks Connie's clit hungrily as her mom gasps, unable to conceal her pleasure while Bradley watches. They begin to kiss and Alison slides down between her mom's legs, slipping her panties off. 'I don't care Alison whispers desperately and again slips her hand between her mom's legs.

'Are you my little slut?' he asks her. Who knows really?, Bradley asks rhetorically. 'Baby, you know I love you right?' he asks smoothly. 'Just like we talked about, right baby?' he asks Alison. There's no way we'd be able to afford this place if your dad didn't own it and hadn't given us a discount on the rent Connie says appreciatively. 'You seemed ce Connie says, almost to herself as she shakes her head in disbelief. Connie begins to clear her plate, putting her napkin and cutlery on it, so is too distracted to see the exchange between Connie and Bradley. Here we go, Bradley whispers to himself, fondling his crotch in anticipation, seal the deal baby. 'I know I'm your stepmom Alison, but for all intents and purposes, I'm still your MOM, and there are boundaries that mothers and daughters don't cross Connie says patiently and firmly.

She is clearly worried about something. Bradley insists that he knows what he saw. Bradley pretends to shuffle the dishes around, watching Alison and Connie as they leave. Fucking right she knew about it, he wanted them to put on a little show, so he told Alison that she needed to make it happen, Bradley says. I think I love you Alison says.


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It was so tough after the accident, with her husband d of course she couldn't work anymore.,Connie says sadly. She says 'yeah' quietly. 'Anything for my girl he adds, kissing Alison on the cheek but then leaning in close to her ear and whispering 'Do it now.' Alison looks at Bradley pleadingly. However, she seems just about to come to her senses and push Alison away when seeing this, Bradley chooses this moment to make his entrance, pretending that he just stumbled upon the scene by accident. She nods, still extremely nervous but clearly acquiescing to his demands. CUT TO title plate, cut to the dinner table, where the three have just finished eating dinner. Connie smiles and says hello.

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Connie snaps her eyes open, abruptly moving away from her daughter. Alison looks up from her lap to her mom. Oh, she's sorry, she forgot, Connie says, somewhat taken aback by the glimpse of what lies beneath Bradley's surface. 'That was delicious, Connie Bradley says. But don't even worry, she's going to love it, he adds. 'And you're gonna eat her fucking pussy right, aren't you?' he asks, reaching around and grabbing her ass. That's so nice, thank you Bradley, Connie says. 'No no I mean. 'You look like a nice little slut he says, his formerly kind tone completely replaced by one that is vaguely sinister.

'Hit the streets or hit the sheets? How can you be so cruel?' Connie asks softly, horrified. And then he arranged for his dad to help them with this nnie continues. This ISN'T your house Bradley says calmly. What kind of thoughts?, asks Connie. What's gotten into you?!

Connie and Alison get up and leave the room. Why Are You Doing This, sadistic boyfriend makes girlfriend seduce HER stepmom under threat OF eviction. 'And there she is now. Oh no, no Connie laments, they can't do this, it's completely inappropriate. He is nice, he just red sometimes, Bradley says absently. Alison is frozen in nervousness.

'And how's the house? They are sitting on Connie's bed together. We see Alison and Connie talking as he watches. That's pretty good huh? What does that mean exactly?' Connie asks, a little wary. Connie exhales loudly, smoothing out her skirt.

'ere's something I wanted to talk to you ivate Alison says hesitantly. Despite her misgivings, Connie is clearly thirsting for human touch and doesn't resist this time. Alison takes a deep breath. 'I love you too honey. So what's it gonna be?, he asks, his laughter stopping abruptly. 'I know how lonely you've been since my dad died Alison says, sliding her hand under Connie's skirt between her legs. 'Alison, stop this right now! Connie tells him that it's wonderful and thanks Bradley again for everything he's done. Fuck your fucking slut daughter please Bradley says evenly.

Because she knows exactly what the consequences will be if she doesn't Bradley says threateningly. I'm 18-years-old, I get how these things work, but I just. Baby, come here, he says, motioning for her to sit on the couch next to him. 'It's Bradley he corrects her, the agreeable and positive image he projects faltering for a moment as an edge of anger creeps into his voice. Alison doesn't look surprised to see Bradley since this was all part of the plan. 'It's no problem at all he says, with a faux sweet smile. When she moves to sit down, he instead grabs her around the waist and pulls her onto his lap. Connie looks at her daughter. Well., Alison clears her throat, trailing off. Read the rest of this entry.

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'I've just started. 'So I at you both. I know snygga tjejer i underkläder penis pump exactly what this is he says with a smarmy tone and plops down into the chair that faces the bed. 'You're doing this because you're bored?! 'I've been having oughts lately Mom Alison says, looking up at her mom. Connie removes Alison's hand from under her skirt. 'Please Mom I- Alison begins, but Bradley cuts her off. There is a long silence.


But they'll find out soon enough that Bradley wants to do a lot more than just watch, and Bradley always gets what he wants. Her eyes go wide as she stares at him, frozen. 'Fuck yeah you d I'm gonna watch you do it he says. Look at you differently. You Alison says slowly. Connie softly removes Alison's hand from her leg. Well, he guesses he'll have to tell her about those consequences then, Bradley says.

Flashing Bradley a look of hatred, Connie turns to her daughter. 'Carry on he says with a dismissive wave of his hand. And he's not making her do anything she doesn't want to do, right?, he says. Cut to an over-the-shoulder shot of Bradley as he quietly creeps down the hall, arriving at the open door of Connie's bedroom. Why the fuck not? Bradley asks, waving his hand around the room.

Even though I'm not your biological mom, you don't ever need to doubt that Connie says tenderly. 'So you have a choice: Are you going to hit the sheets or hit the streets?' Bradley asks. Oh it's really nothing, Bradley says with false modesty. Clothes Bradley says menacingly. Bradley, playing his part, steps. He looks her up and down like she's an object he's appraising.

Alison seems distracted, perhaps focused on the task that lays ahead of her. Her boyfriend Bradley (Lucas Frost) is there. Sarah Vandella ) walks. The door opens and Connie (. He loudly sits down on the couch and puts his feet on the coffee table obnoxiously. Or maybe it's just because. Connie's brow furrows as she contemplates the implications of his question.

'That's right, it's not, it's my father's property Bradley continues. She hears a knock at the door and hurries to answer. 'I don't think I can do this she says worriedly, still standing. Is this what you want?' Bradley asks. Connie looks at Bradley with pure rage and terror. 'You're disgusting, get the fuck out of my house!' Connie yells at Bradley angrily. 'You do understand that, don't you honey?' Connie asks. He kisses her hard. Scene opens on Alison emma Hix who is in her living room, pacing nervously.

Yes baby, Alison says numbly. So when Bradley came along, she was just so happy that Alison had someone, Connie continues. 'I don't want that to happen, but if you don't do what we agreed on, I will make sure it happens Bradley says icily. Bradley, through gritted teeth, motions her to get on with. I need to hear you say it, otherwise, it's no fun. He listens for a moment, and once he's satisfied that they're in Connie's bedroom, he leaves the kitchen. Your boyfriend is right downstairs!' Connie says fiercely. 'Yes baby she says, gasping. She puts her hand on her daughter's knee and leans in reluctantly for a kiss.

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