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Warren's terror - 1978) and I'm glad to report that those extra five minutes make for a much better viewing experience. The film then displays the following scrawl: "In the dense jungle along the often ill defined border between Thailand and Burma, it is still possible to find primitive tribes which have no contact with the outside world. The Director fails to mention that it was Sister Gertrude who made the complaint and we find out why. An extra bonus interview on this DVD by Vicki Peters (which was filmed in 2011) still shows her as a beautiful woman and she had nice things to say about everyone except Maria De Aragon, who. A Shriek Show DVD Release. Too bad one of the prisoners, Valery (Xeah Atillano) is a snitch for The Director, who supplies her with a shot of heroin every day and reports the escape plans. Oh, and Troy dumps Brooke, too! .

For a film that is rated PG, this film contains many jokes that would be found offensive today (if Al Sharpton ever finds out this was directed and written by white men, he would surely lead a boycott to remove this film from circulation from. Bill's investigation leads him to discover that this little town is a hotbed of sexual activity. And will the archer hit his mark? If you are reading this and are a fan of the genre, please drop me an email and tell me why you like these films. Though slow-moving and uneventful throughout most of its running time, playgirl killer, directed and written by Erick Santamaria (his only screen credit still oozes sleaze (most of the women here are either sluts or are so naive, all it takes is a few choice words. Invasion OF THE BEE girls is Grade A trash all the way. But don't think this is any way an exploitation film. Mara has a plan on how to escape, but she needs Tania's help.

Do you want people to think you're immoral?" As with most latter-day jungle films, there's scenes of real animal slaughter, a female tribal dance and plenty of stock jungle footage. Poirret was fired, because he looked at all of his records and every one of his diagnoses was correct. Rick has avoided gangs and drugs to become a Grade A student, working at a burger joint at night to help support his family, while Melissa hopes one day t o become a famous fashion designer while also taking care of her eternally-soused, gin soaked. This is classic 70's exploitation all the way, thanks to the constant nudity of Jocelyn Jones ( tourist trap - 1979) and the late Claudia Jennings ( truck stop women - 1974; sisters OF death - 1977) and the comical action scenes. THE jekyll AND hyde portfolio (1971) - This little-seen sex/horror film opens with a young woman named Janet (Cathie Demille) being impaled with a pitchfork while playing on a swing. . This is one film that will leave your brain twirling after watching it, so if you are already high on something, DO NOT watch this film.

Tony and the last girl decide to stay put and make a stand. While Mamma Pappalardo is given the tickets to the show by Chuck's secretary Trudy (Darwyn Carson; THE rapture - 1991) and she points the old lady to the direction of the studio, Luigi Pappalardo (who calls off the hit) thinks that Miss Sternvirgin is romantically. THE GOD children ) lets Goff and Flower's natural chemistry shine through here, as Goff spouts Bible passages (but is the most violent brother) and Flower plays most of his scenes drunk (either sporting the ugliest set of upper false teeth or no teeth. Besides, how can you not love a film with lines like, "I hope somebody hacks off your hambone!"? Let's say that the beach will run red with blood, but whose blood will it be?

Lady Agatha informs Heather of Albert's death and helps her escape the kingdom. After watching the tribe consume the flesh of one male crook, Jelita saves Maya and the rest of the crooks and everyone joins forces against the tribe and the spiked boobytraps in the jungle. Mitchell) and former massage parlor madam Violet (Arleen Sinclair) as he searches for the audiotapes. (Coleman Francis) sends strait-laced political candidate Titus Moore (Titus Moody) out to get the "hippie vote". Retromedia Entertainment has released this film in two versions on one DVD: The American Version as kong island and the uncut European Version as king OF kong island.

While there is plenty of full-frontal female nudity on view, the hackneyed rewritten plot and slapdash editing offer little entertainment value for your hard-earned cash. The pre-teen Sugar (Sheri Oliff) a nd Bobbylee (Robin Haden) are on a boating vacation with their older sisters and boyfriends, when they stop at an island for a little scuba diving. When Edwina leaves the room, Aubrey tries to rape Patricia, but he can't get it up, so he runs out of the house and just keeps running until he has nothing left in him. The journal explains Carlos' endeavors to end the DeLorca Curse, where all male members become vampires. Maraya is blindfolded and restrained naked while each of the three men take turns sticking their arm in a hole in a hut and feeling her. Wrong WAY (1972) - Nancy and Cathy are picked up by a pair of drug dealers after their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It's the Governor and he has given Mose a reprieve, It seems Mose was having an affair with a divorced woman and he was with her at the time of the killings. Better acted than most 70's exploitationers, thanks to a cast of veterans (it's even sadder when you realize that Claudia Jennings, Paul Carr, Dennis Fimple, Len Lesser, Lieux Dressler and Gene Drew are all dead now this early effort from director/producer/co-scripter Mark. But wait, thats not all!


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Back in Greece, Father Roche gets a visit from good friend Beth (the single-monickered Gelsomina realistisk dildo eskort tjejer uppsala an archaeologist who has brought along fellow archaeologists Ian (Nikol Verlel Verlekis) and Tom (Bob Behling) with her. They are after a large shipment of heroin and they are worse than any crime syndicate, as you will see as the film unfolds. The screenplay hits all the right notes, making this a sleazehound's dream come true. Case in point: When Sugar attempts to escape from the camp in the middle of the night, she runs into a mountain lion. Like I said in the beginning of this film, director Gianfranco Mingozzi made precious few fictional films, rather making documentaries right up until he passed away in 2009. To make films that exploit these emotions is unforgivable, in my opinion, but I feel it is my duty to review at least a couple of these films (I reviewed SS experiment camp - 1976 See above way back in the late '80s and.


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Diana, who has been having a lesbian affair with Myra, doesn't want her to leave, but Myra unleashes this uncalled-for bit of dialogue in Diana's face: "Face it, you're a dyke, a lesbian, a no-good queer!" This line makes Diana blow her own brains out. The Baron, as well as the rest of the adult cult members then bloodily explode, too (a major sequence missing from the PG version, finally giving us closure about what really happened to the Baron and his cult, since the PG version suggests the cult. but they cross him off their suspect list when he tells them he was being treated in the hospital for ulcers at the time of the murders. We also see plenty of 70's cars reflected off the windows of store fronts. The film opens on April 28, 1975, the day all hell broke loose in Saigon. The Director interrupts the communal shower (plenty of full-frontal female nudity) when she sees two lesbians going at it, so she gives them to two males guards to rape the lesbianism out if them. And: "We are caught up in an epidemic of violence, murder has no meaning, killing has become a game, a way of life. Within a short period of time, over a dozen male townies and scientists at the nearby Brandt Institute are dead from the same cause. The film then switches to the prerequisite WIP shower scene (lots of full-frontal nudity and lesbian action).

Gets what's coming to him. Most of the footage in this film was used in the hardcore porn film hard riders (1973). And that Judgment Day, I will make them pay! Since the Walt Disney Company now owns Corman's New World Pictures library of films, they have slowly been releasing Corman's exploitation flicks, including this one, on DVD through their Buena Vista Home Entertainment division. Lady Jane hides out with. She watches Ahmed and what is left of his army sail back to his homeland and Flavia is taken prisoner by the Church for treason.

Their truck breaks down, so Jeff leads them on a long walk through the desert, where they happen upon an oasis, swim nude in a lake and then are attacked and raped by some Arab nomads. Did Samantha leave Domingo enough time to undo the Chinese knots on his ropes and escape from the yacht before it explodes? The film looks like it was edited by someone with ADS as it jumps from scene-to-scene in mid-sentence and various shots fail to match in the same scene. One of the members, Toad (Hugh Keays-Byrne who is tripping on acid, wanders off and witnesses a sniper shoot and kill the speaker at the podium. Morales (I told you he was an opportunist).

80 of the personnel both in front of and behind the camera never went on to do anything else in the film business (or before this film, either including the director and those that did continue in the business had some unusual credits (to say. They don't make 'em like this any more. You actually feel sorry for her as the film progresses. Enter policeman Stone (Ken Shorter). He made a lot of films in Greece (he passed away in 1993, after directing an amazing 151 films from 1960 to 1991 but precious few of them made it to the States.

Lynn opens her eyes and becomes a believer in Flavio's plight, falling in love with his second-in-command Ronaldo (Zaldy Zshornack) and going with him on a much more dangerous raid at an Army base, where there are plenty of medical supplies and weapons (the ensuing. The DVD opens with a dedication to the late Sage "Moonblood" Stallone, who absolutely loved the character of of Aubrey. Little Joe flattens the bar, Tiny is shot between the eyes. The film also contains some hilarious dialogue as when. Although most of the violence is implied rather than shown, there's more than enough action and female flesh on view to keep even the most jaded viewer occupied. It is at this time the Preacher decides to grow a set of balls and chastizes the whole gang, including his son. A World Premiere Home Video Release. Do you expect anything less from Joseph Lai?

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